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5+ New games for Android 2016

1. Hidden Mahjong: Walk the Plank

Able to be an expert mahjong you? If so, prove it by playing mahjong hidden: to go on the board. Every time you successfully solve the puzzle, the more difficult the task the next time. Thus, to achieve a high score, and print the best time you could get.

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2. Loong Craft

Loong Craft is the latest Android game to the genre of MMORPG, has been played by 10 million players. This game is based on the Chinese Three Kingdoms. You can build a city, according to what you want to be a hero, troop training, as well as joining the alliance and tried every call from the players around the world. Prove that you are great to play this game!

3. Whack the Boss

I hate your boss at the office? Dish out revenge and anger in the game Whack the boss. Give the best punches, kicks deadly lethal, shooting through his body, his face is destroyed, and a love of learning, as it should! Do not be afraid, do all to your heart's content, so that your heart can be calm and relieved.

4. Legend of Norland

Legend of Norland is a MOBA and ARPG genre of games created for Android smartphones. The game is full 3D graphics are very nice. Guaranteed, you will not regret to play this latest Android on your favorite phone Android. Collect the characters, weapons, and defeat your enemies.

5. Zombie Castaways

In the game Zombie Castaways, you will find plenty of zombies workers that allow them to help you clean up the island, and build a city. These zombies can be employed as lumberjacks, fishermen, treasure hunters to become a chef. What's wrong with the current zombie? Find out more when you have to play.