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5 Great Games Android To spend time weekend

One way to spend a vacation to play the game. Do not play games on your PC or game console, you can play some cool titles Android games following right from your smartphone or tablet.

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What are the coolest games for Android, which can be used to spend a vacation?'


Not long ago, the game provider in China released the game is cool and is very suitable for lovers name Tamiya Mini legend. With excellent features that allow you to modify and customize your car.

2. Shadow Fight 2

As the game is conceived as a struggle Arcade game, Shadow Fight 2 is not equipped with great graphics here. But make no mistake, because the battle Shadow 2 has gameplay and a very realistic fighting style compared to other Android cool game. Show characters is quite simple with just a silhouette made us feel mysterious and ferocity of the battle.

3. Chibi 3 Kingdoms

Chibi 3 Kingdoms cool Android game based on strategy, which is a secondary story about 3 UK, for you lovers of 3 Kingdoms even Dynasty Warriors, you are actually suitable for mainin Chibi 3 Kingdoms. In addition to the Hero of the many options, types of troops, skills and capabilities that you can upgrade and use, you can also compete with other players via the Great War and Guild Wars is quite a large scale, so it is guaranteed DEH because too thrill of this game