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Win 10 Smart Launcher Pro 1.1.APK Premium

You get bored with Android user interface and want to enjoy the style of Win launcher on your Android? So the wait is over. Win 10 Smart Launcher is here for you. Customize your phone with a unique look and feel to the Launcher fast, clean and efficient. Surprising your friends that you have a phone in your hand window, and to share with your loved ones.

This is the perfect app to enjoy the new look of your phone. This application is designed to enjoy the colorful UI. This is a very simple and easy to use.
Apptech trying its best to provide users with a completely new look and feel to suit your needs

Win 10 Smart Launcher Pro 1.1.APK Premium

Top Features

  • HD Themes available
  • You can customize your tiles by long click on it.
  • All Apps can access by just left swipe
  • So many Color available for customizing tiles color
  • Smoother UI
  • Easy to use and changing themes
  • Set background or wallpaper of your choice
  • Live tiles : Weather , Clock
  • Desktop Notification
  • News Notification
  • Support for native Android Widgets
  • Beautiful color themes
  • Beautiful metro homescreen
  • Personalize your homescreen with your favourite Apps, Contacts and Widgets.
  • Sidebar
  • Sticky notepad to write important notes in sidebar
  • Fast access to your main functions: Internet, Store, Contacts, etc.
  • Customize your background with (live) wallpaper
  • Change displayed account name and image
  • Optimized for tablets and smartphones
  • Quick-search via sidebar
  • Customize your launcher with lot of settings
  • Customizable Theme Colors
  • Android apps in Stylish Tiles
  • Best Apps are available on One Click
  • Windows Phone Experience on your Android
  • Easy Navigation to the Apps
  • Many more…