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Wifi Mouse Pro v3.0.5 APK

Wifi Mouse Pro is a handy app to make your smartphone into a mouse wify , if you travel frequently and forgot to bring the mouse atapun complicated by bringing the tool, this application is perfect for you , because this application will change android smartphone functions into a mouse .

Applications in the play store paid but not if you download it here , because I will share pro version for free , besides this application for me is very important because I am also very often forget to bring the mouse and finally I use my smartphone to be a mouse.

Wifi Mouse Pro

Lots fiture on the results of these applications, such as Voice to text to computer, Compatible with Windows / Mac OSX / Linux (Ubuntu). Mouse movement and click, Android keyboard or computer screen Simulate full keyboard, Media controller, Presentation controller. And many more, if you are interested in this mouse wify application, please download links are below.
Wifi Mouse Pro v3.0.5 APK

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